January 9, 2010


I don't know which will cure me faster: the pozole or the amoxycillin.

The water heater man woke us up plenty early, and after we took our first baths sinc Monday, we headed out to the store for a big shop, followed by an afternoon of rest. Mrguy slept all afternoon. I watched two episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and made us life-giving soup.

I think the best thing today, however, was picking up my prescription. Lane one of the drive-thru was busy, so I had mrguy guide us to the other. He didn't know we were in for a surprise: a pneumatic tube system. You use the intercom to tell them that you're picking up your order, they put it into a big plastic tube and gets sucked into the chute next to your car.

The last time I saw one in use was in the x-ray department of the Kaiser I used to go to. It is no more. But old technology lives on in the Walgreenia of a nearby municipality.

Things like that make me want to live here forever.

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