January 16, 2010

Virtual Hawaiian Vacation, Day 1

During the holidays I started thinking about how sad it would be that we weren't going to Hawaii in January, as is our custom. So I devised the Virtual Hawaiian Vacation (tm) for us to enjoy. Except for the part about how we're still working and it's cold and grey, it is *just* like real Hawaii.

On day one, I wore my new vintage Ui Makai sundress and rubber slippers from the ABC Store. I was on deadline, but when it wasn't too distracting I listened to Hawaiian 78's at work.

I didn't have much planned ahead for last night, but mrguy suggested we go to Trader Vic's for dinner, which was an excellent idea. The food was really excellent. I had something traditional, the Bongo Bongo soup, and then the scallops, which were on a tamarind-based barbeque sauce and served with a corn cake and pickled vegetable salad. Surprisingly tasty, and a fine beginning to our Virtual Hawaiian Vacation.

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