January 18, 2010

Virtual Hawaiian Vacation, Days 3 and 4

Our VHV crossed paths with awards season yesterday. We had a Hawaiian-themed menu and outfits. Two of the ladies of Three Letters and one willing husband came over to watch. One of the ladies came in full-on Hawaiian wear, bearing bacon-wrapped pineapple. Yum.

We watched the red carpet (amazing how they broadcast all of the forklift industry awards!) and squealed appreciatively when our forklifts were recognized for their sturdiness and safety record.

After the awards after parties we drank mai tais, ate ice cream (I made chocolate ice cream with candied yuzu peel) and watched the sumo basho. Going into that day's matches there were nine guys in first, so it was pretty exciting. I think one of my ladies really liked the sumo :)

Today we bought a new bed frame, went to look at mattresses that don't need to be stuffed with money because they're *that* expensive and ate at a groovy Pakistani restaurant.

Sounds pretty un-Hawaiian, but we did just finish playing uke together, mrguy and I.

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