January 1, 2010

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

I heard the whir of her car engine from inside the garage, where I was riding the exercise bike. The grand mamoo had arrived! New Year's Eve was upon us :)

We ate cheese and drank a little bubbly with middleguysis before heading out for a Hawaiian New Year's. Mrguy stayed in his tiny bed, sick as a dog :(

After dinner the family band played some tunes. Auntie Sassy's Boys played, and then Red and I winged it. No way was I going to go straight in after the Boys, though, so we tossed them some irresistible cuteness first, in the form of Red's three-year-old singing "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart". Audience was rendered helpless, then we winged it and earned our mai tais.

This morning I woke up early and watched the Tournament of Roses Parade with mom and middleguysis. Totally excellent. People from other lands must think this parade is really wacky, because it is. Think about it: crafty people paste a jillion pounds of organic material onto a souped-up car frame and drive it through Pasadena. I think the parade's wonderful and I try to watch it every year.

UPDATE: For cool pictures of the preparations for this years' parade, visit the LA Times coverage here.

Then the Precious Family came over to visit with mom and sis and us, and then that nice boy came over.

He and I and mrguy caught up on the many many years its been since we saw each other last.

That wasn't scary, was it?

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