January 3, 2010

White Elephant Exchange, Guy Family Style, 2009

1) 3-function personal fan
2) Diet Coke from Iraq
3) Jumper Cables
4) Chess Drinking Game
5) Cajun-Style Alligator (1 can)
6) Bota Bag
7) DVD of Mormon Tabernacle Choir
8) Smoked Rattlesnake (1 can)
9) Billy Beer (1 can, unopened but empty)
10) Book about Marzipan (soon to be regifted)

Our youngest grand-niece got the can of rattlesnake and was *not pleased*. MiddleGuySis performed a good deed and stole it from her. The little one liked the bag of old makeup she got in the second round. Whew.

It is only because I love my brother-in-law so much that I did not steal the Billy Beer from him. He would've been sad, and White Elephant is all about keeping the laughs coming.

And so they did.

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