December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

This is my view.

About 2:30 my next-door neighbor was feeling himself. Couldn't hear the topic, but he was drunk and having fun.

Around 4, he was still at it. Not a school night.

At 5am I couldn't sleep, so I rolled over to grab my laptop, which was on the floor. Then the bed loudly collapsed. 

We cleared the debris and I think that mrguy has forgiven me and we are now down here this morning.

Happy Christmas Eve, My People!

Update: my sister, who was sleeping in the Lady Room, directly below us, took the whole night's activities and created an interesting narrative from the parts. Earlier in the evening, mrguy had been out playing a gig. Sis thought that he'd come home drunk after his show and was raving. When the bed broke, she thought something really horrible was happening. This, despite knowing mrguy for almost 30 years. The mama didn't wake up at all!

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