December 31, 2017

Germany 2017 Post 11

From my notebook:

"Love is taking a tour of the Bauhaus in German when you speak no German".


"Almost crushed by large, drunk German man whose wife, Marlena, is a retired teacher with large breasts and a pension. He will inherit a lot of money when she dies".

I just want to say that the noodles, though simple, were delicious. We weren't interested in Greek food two nights in a row, so we went to this tiny restaurant situated next to the bottle store. The only other customers were two men, one old and very large and drunk to that point people get to when they want to talk and are just *thisclose* to picking a fight and being violent. The other was his younger co-worker, who was an immigrant and was slightly less drunk and apologetic. At one point they went out for a smoke and when the big guy came back in he wanted to talk about Trump and started to lose his balance on top of me. You know it's not good when they want to buy you a drink and start saying stuff like "Cheers, my American friend!!" I remember telling mrguy at one point "I think I can take the big guy if I need to," and kinda calculating if I could outrun them back to the hotel which was just a few blocks away.

Friedolf. My boobs reminded him of Marlena. I remember thinking that Marlena is glad he's not home tonight.

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