December 31, 2017

Germany 2017 Post 8

This is always my favorite sight on vacation -- we get a rental car and, wherever we are, I pop in Best of the Ka'au Crater Boys. It is a sign.

So this is us leaving Leipzig and heading to Dessau, via Halberstadt. I took many pictures of mrguy driving the the A-Bahn to the sound of Kraftwerk.

I also took many pictures of the Agip sign during our trip.

We found lunch in the town square in Halberstadt.

Then off to another highlight of the trip: Gleimhaus.

Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim was a wealthy poet during the Enlightenment. He held a regular salon in his home and had what he called the Freundschaftstempel (Temple of Friendship). The walls of his home are covered with portraits of people he either knew or admired, and he commissioned several portraits by Gottlob. In Gleim's writings you can even find him complaining about the quality of my ancestor's work. It's a job, man.

I had an annotated spreadsheet of what I wanted to see, and it was all on the walls. These four paintings below are by Gottlob. The one on the bottom right is my favorite so far.

From Gleim's writings it isn't clear whether he'd actually met Elisabeth von der Recke, below, or just heard that she was beautiful. This image is after an original by Anton Graf.
 The large one below is by Gottlob.
And there was a meeting happening in one of the rooms we wanted to see. One of the employees helped us out. We heard her saying, "Family of the painter Gottlob is here," and they let us wander quietly while we found the remaining painting we were looking for (center).

That was fun! We also talked to the conservator (cool girl wearing Converse) and the manuscripts librarian.

Then off to an installation by John Cage.

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