December 31, 2017

Germany 2017 Post 3

On Day 3 we made our move.

Mrguy figured out that we were very close to a flea market, and if we got up early enough we could see some of it before heading to the train. It was so great. The day before we'd been in this museum, looking at beautiful stuff. Today, its shrubbery was festooned with really disturbing mannequins.
 I wanted the big brown pot with the geometric markings, but not on the third day of my trip.
It was about 9am when I took this picture, and already people were lined up for lemonade, with or without vodka.
 And the rotating meatisserie was ready to serve you whatever you wanted.
Frisky pigs and the fan art of Donald Duck juxtaposed with someone's Nazi infantry portrait.

This was the prize of the day: rubber Huey, Dewey and Louie heads (Tick, Trick and Track, in German). Mrguy did the haggling for me.

This was one of my favorite sights of the day: a big old fancy frame with people's photos stuffed in it. I'm used to the idea of this with mirrors, but not with art, and they just tore their photos into the right shape. By itself, this is a work of art.

We jetted back home to the hotel, then to the train station, where they have a bookstore with the largest selection of hobby magazines I've ever seen.

The train ride to Leipzig is best not mentioned. This was my view for a big chunk of it, and people kept asking me to move.

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