December 31, 2017

Germany 2017 Post 13

So we parked the car and walked around the side of the building, not exactly knowing what we'd find. We turned the corner to see a courtyard carpeted with cherry blossoms and dotted with cafe tables. We approached the front door and a woman greeted us and asked us if we're there for dinner. mrguy said yes and I bleated "We're lost". She could see my distress, so she looked at her reservations and figured out that she juuust had room for us. Over the next few hours the woman (the owner) doted on us and her son, the chef, gave us directions back to the A-4. Occasionally she'd come by the table and ask "Why are you here from America?" in a bemused sort of way. Explaining that we were coming to spend Easter in Bautzen made it even more perplexing. Who does that?

If you are ever near Dresden, Julius Kost is a true destination. It's housed in the former horse stables of the farm, and it is so cozy. As I said to mrguy, it's like the best of Martha Stewart in the 1980s, but with authenticity and good food.

The amuse. I couldn't even identify the ingredients, except for the pea shoot, but it was delicious.

The specials:
Our visit to Julius Kost settled our nerves for the next few hours of bumper to bumper nighttime traffic to Weissenberg. We vowed to stay on the Autobahn and take no more shortcuts.

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