December 31, 2017

Germany 2017 Post 2

Day 2 was the day of many museums. Museum Angewandte Kunst is filled with beautiful stuff. “Elementary Parts: From the Collections” is an exhibition that juxtaposes 75 items from different parts of the collection -- modern, ancient, in-between. I was so into some of it, and beguiled by the names of some of the items and scribbled furiously in my notebook. Reviewing it 7 months later is only marginally helpful in reminding me what some things were. I wrote down "black kitchen mistress", and can't recall why. I think it's the name of a beautiful knife. I'd written it down in my notebook in order to look up later which, as I learned today, is maybe not a good thing to do. I didn't click on any of the links. Neither should you. Do, however, look up the jewellery of Friedrich Becker. Just gorgeous.

We were about to leave the museum when one of the attendants sternly asked for our attention. Gulp. Turns out that she just wanted to make sure that we left via the exit that would take us to the other half of the museum, in which rooms were themed by applied arts of different eras. I really got into this -- crazy wallpaper murals and pretty things. mrguy? Not so much. But we agreed on this chair:

The Städel Museum had something for all of God's creatures. Lots and lots of Medieval stuff for me and lots of modern and contemporary for both of us.
 I loved how this guy looked at me:
And this set of paintings was really crazy:

There was an amazing little exhibit that showed the backs of paintings. That's my idea of a good time.

Pretty fancy for the back of a painting, right?
Jet lag sank in and we drank many Cokes in order to forge on. In Frankfurt there seems to be a strong presence of Fritz Cola, instead, so I wondered if this was a revolutionary act. Don't care.

There was more art to be seen:
The black one, above, was just killing me. It was executed in paint stick and had mad texture. So gorgeous. On another side of this room I was distracted by this annoying sound while I was examining a piece by Anselm Kiefer. Man, that sound was annoying. Really annoying. Oh. That was *my* bad. The annoying American set off the annoying alarm.

After the museums it was still rather early and we were trying to stay awake until a reasonable hour, so we did some more shopping. People were starting to appear on the streets in their team colors. We spied this poster for mispelch, so we went into the shop to buy some, and some apfelwein. The shop owner asked us if we were football fans. And then we tweaked to the idea that soccer hooligans drink apfelwein and mispelch. Oh well.

On the way back to the hotel we found a tiny used record store. Smelled great but didn't buy anything. Passed by a store that made clothing with reproduction fabric designs by Sonia Delaunay:

And clearly we are in the run-up to Easter:
All of this was on our walk over to Zum Gemalten Haus, where I took the obligatory apple doorknob photo. Our stern waiter from last time continues to ply his trade there. In my opinion he's the Sam Wo of Frankfurt.
We ordered more grünsoße and confirmed our earlier opinion that we don't need to order any more of it. And that's ok! We enjoyed the atmosphere, the somewhat risque paintings on the ceiling, and a conversation with some young folks who joined our table.

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