December 27, 2017

Mrguy's Heartwarming War On Christmas Story

The Christmas tree is so crisp now that parts of it broke off in my hand while I was adding an ornament on Christmas. That reminded me of a favorite Christmas story from the old days that mrguy tells. In a mrsguy first, I have asked him to write a guest post. 

So sayeth mrguy:

So around 1985, some friends of mine were living in a loft space in the Inner Mission. Their street was one-way, narrow and only one block long. On either end was a major street. It was your fairly gritty '80s urban scene, with people hanging out on the street at all hours playing cards or getting drunk and whatnot.

And as you might expect, there was a fair amount of trash here and there on the street, including an abandoned car. Parking was a very scarce and precious resource in San Francisco even then, so having a valuable parking space taken up by someone's useless car was really annoying. My friends would notify the city every so often and try and get them to come and haul it away, but the city never did.

As time went on, the car slowly disintegrated and would eventually lose its wheels, get all its windows busted out and doors pulled off. The kids on the block used it as a playground and would hop on and off of it, and eventually they managed to bust a hole in the roof. More phone calls to the city to deal with the eyesore were ignored.

So, it being a month or so after Christmas, and my friend being a very clever and industrious guy, came up with an idea. He took their old Christmas tree and stuck it in the hole in the roof, so that the tree stuck out a couple feet over the top of the car. He then borrowed a forklift from a neighboring business, drove the forklift over to the dead car, picked it up and then transported the car to the median strip of the very busy city street at the end of their block. The car was gone in a couple days.

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