August 12, 2008


It's Olympics time again. I usually manage zero hours of Olympics viewing but mrguy and I watched the opening ceremonies last week. They were nothing short of stupendous.

The first summer games I can recall were in 1972. Olga Korbut made every little girl want to be a gymnast. Mark Spitz made every boy want a mustache.

As the games approached this year, I wondered what became of Mark Spitz. Then news of him suddenly appeared at the intersection of celebrity, soap and the law. Yup, he is suing Dr. Bronner for calling him a prophet and referring to him on their wackadoodle labels. Hate it when that happens.

For more on Dr. Bronner, there's a documentary.

Can't wait to see it.

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brothca said...

okay. You are so very funny. I finally made it to your blog and I'm LOL (I guess that's how the young folks say "laughing out loud"). I'm really enjoying it.
Keep on keeping on,

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