August 24, 2008

Russodad Roundup

As we came off the bridge and headed toward town on our way to Russodad, we passed the mini golf course. The conversation went something like this:

"The cannibals still there?"
"Yeah, but I think they're wearing pants."
"THAT'S not right."

We look forward to mini golf but rarely drive into town to do it. This year, Grandmamoo guy began agitating for it the day before we left, so a small group of us sallied forth to the golferie.

Our local establishment has two 18-hole courses, populated by funny creatures and obstacles made out of chicken wire, cement and Bondo. A small dark pinball room is the only other amenity. They have speakers that broadcast a single song every twenty minutes. The kids who work there are sweet. The sounds are mainly those from traffic and the day care center. I wish I owned this place. It's so much fun. I did not win. I did not lose.

I would not have repainted the cannibals.

They used to wear loincloths.

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