August 15, 2008

Balderdashia, Game 1

The Balderdash gauntlet has been thrown. Answers in this space later:

Bob Leach [Peculiar Person]:
1) hopped on one foot from Philadelphia to Boston in 1974
2) went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, but later slipped on an orange peel and died
3) made more than three hundred thousand dollars selling fool's gold to unwitting prospectors during the California gold rush
4) Chicago tailor who invented the zoot suit
5) found an alternate use for his failed fruit leather recipe by inventing edible underwear
6) former mayor of Lawrence, Kansas who left office to raise chinchillas

Fangs [Movie Title]:
1) This film, based ona true story, chronicles a fundamentalist church in Arkansas whose healing services incorporate the use of poisonous snakes.
2) A family of vampires that owns a car wash in small-town Georgia struggles to live a quiet life. When a beautiful stranger enters their lives, trouble ensues.
3) This documentary captures the three year rise and fall of a Chinese restaurant in a small North Dakota town.
4) A CHIPS-style drama about the Federal Air National Guard Service and their fight against crime in the skies.
5) Cheap thriller set in a small town where a misfit bank teller breeds rattlesnakes in the bank's vault and turns them loose.
6) An old guy who raises snakes gets revenge when the townspeople turn on him.

Henri Charpentier [Peculiar People]:
1) was an apprentice to Rodin but was never credited for any of the work he produced, most importantly, "The Kiss".
2) apprentice and long-time compannion of Louis Pasteur who helped invent the process of pasteurization
3) chef who accidentally invented Crepes Suzette when his dessert caught on fire in front of a girl named Sue
4) after a string of failed business ventures, Charpentier opened France's first zoo to great acclain in 1820
5) the man who tight-walked between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
6) an explorer whose fake narrative of discover of the sources of the Mississippi prompted the Lewis & Clarke expedition

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