August 24, 2008

Balderdashia, Glorious Final Russodad 2008 edition

Three years ago at Russodad I realized after playing Balderdash that it seemed like the most creative thing I'd done in a long time. That was a bit of an awakening. I'm happy to say that this is no longer the case. Soon after that year's vacation I joined the uke band, and then mrguy encouraged me to do mrsguy.

I still pine for Balderdash when my People are far from me :)

Answers from our previous game:

Crawthumpers [Definition]:
3) Religious fanatics

Rattled [Movie]:
1) Hundreds of rattlesnakes crawl down from the hills after their home is disturbed by a construction crew

Whickflaw [Definition]:
3) The skin located under the fingernails

And gleanings from our final night's play:

Keep Off My Grass [Movie]:
1) Is the first of the Dennis the Menace films, in which an exasperated Mr. Wilson attempts to keep young Denni and his sheepdog puppy off his new lawn.
2) The drummer from the popular 60's band "The Monkees" stars as a Casanova-type guy.
3) This sports-themed documentary follows the trials and tribulations of the head grounds keeper at Pebble Beach, as he attemts to re-sod six fairways, between tournaments.
4) A musical comedy romp involving two neighbors who band together to combat stray dogs.
5) The grounds keeper of a golf course fights mysterious creatures who burn hieroglyphics on the putting greens.
6) In this coming-of-age drama, a suburban divorcee discovers that the neighborhood boy who mows her lawn has become romantically obsessed with her.

Sortita [Definition]:
1) The act of pretending not to hear someone's faux-pas.
2) A small sack for carrying salt in Guatemala.
3) The first part of an opera, sung by one of the principle singers.
4) In Spain, an affectionate tern used for "house maid".
5) A South American flowering shrub whose bright yellow pollen is used for ceremonial body-coloring.
6) A Venezuelan children's game in which players attempt to strike each other in the head with cobs of corn.

In New York It Is Illegal To [Laws]:
1) eat menudo on a city sidewalk.
2) eat animals bought at a pet store.
3) eat garlic bread on the street, north of Canal Street.
4) mollusks in months whose names end in the letter "R"
5) wheat products imported from New Jersey.
6) soup with a fork.

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