August 5, 2008


Oh Ivar.

It was a classic Pop automotive mantra that used rental cars were a great bargain. They were relatively new and had impeccable service records. So when he decided I needed a safe ride to go to grad school, he bought me a Hertz and fulfilled one of his life's goals.

However I would like to put the brakes on this automotive reverie to tell you a true story about what some people really do in rental cars...

Let's just say we knew someone who rented a sheep for a day and transported it in a rental car. The sheep didn't like the trip and the car was trashed.

Back to Ivar...

After driving my beloved no-seat, loud, paint-lacking Antwan, Ivar was beyond deluxe. I had never had power windows or even a trunk that popped open when you were inside the car. Everything worked. I can't do justice to my sense of pleasure and guilt in owning this car. The novelty did wear off, but we had eleven solid years together.

Ivar was a sheep-free zone.

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