August 15, 2008

Russodad, Day 2

We hightailed it out to shop fairly early yesterday. Visited the used book store, where our purchases covered the map: silent film and Surrealism for MrMiddleGuySis, jazz improvisation and Gerhard Richter for mrguy, and Thor Heyerdahl for me.

The off to the antikyoo malls, where I bought a beeyootiful pink bark cloth aloha shirt and a postcard to send to a friend. The books at the mall were great. This one seemed an unintended swipe at buglers:

There was also a great book on Bigfoot that logged all known Bigfoot sightings up to that time (roughly 1979). I didn't buy it because I couldn't think of who needed it.

As serendipity would have it, I returned home to an email about the Bigfoot news conference
being held today. Our grandniece is mortally afraid of Bigfoot, so we're referring to it as the John Wayne conference.

More good sleuthing was achieved for the ladies yesterday.

Is it noon yet?

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