August 3, 2008

The Weekend

You need to savor weekends like these. Friday we went to a party at work. And the opening of a friend's installation, then a little Hawaiian nosh with Shee Jimmy at our home-away-from-home.

Saturday I tried desperately to find a supplemental outfit for an anniversary party that was themed. Didn't find that. DID find a shirt with a sumo print (kimarite).

On the way to the party we saw a demolition derby car that was sponsored by a porta-potty company:

The party was in celebration of a couple who, at 40 years of marriage, are showing us how it's done. It was incredibly lovely. There were people we knew and people we didn't. Alternative lifestylers and retired bankers. All duded up in their western gear eating organic food and taking in acoustic music. With a view of the rolling golden hills and a ranch across the street.

We left early for a little rehearsing (sigh)...and today is the Aloha Festival.

It's showtime!

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