August 14, 2008

Russodad, Day 1

Ahhh :)

The Guy Family has convened, the champagne is open and it is officially vacation season. Dinner began with disclaimers about safety and plumbing, and then thanks. And when the dishes cleared, Cuz came to tell me the research questions the family had gathered for me. 

Here are some of the answers:

Cities named Santa Claus [Big Sis is writing about one]
House of Worth [Cuz has a Worth gown]

Still trying to find an article confirming that Cousin Paul saved someone's life on the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1950's.

No idea how to find out what park MiddleGuySis flew over on Tuesday, but we'll work on it.

In safety news, at random points in the day and night, a stream of scalding water shoots out of an open pipe sticking out near the roof of the house. It sounds like a horse relieving itself off a cliff. I'm just juvenile enough to laugh every time this happens. 

The plumber is on his way. 

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