August 16, 2008

Balderdashia, Game 2

The results from Game 1

Bob Leach [Peculiar Person]:
2) Went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, but later slipped on an orange peel and died

Fangs [Movie Title]:
6) An old guy who raises snakes gets revenge when the townspeople turn on him.

Henri Charpentier [Peculiar Person]:
6) A chef who accidentally invented Crepes Suzette when his dessert caught on fire in front of a girl named Sue.

And last night's offerings:

Crawthumpers [Definition]:
1) Colloquial term for raccoons in the southeastern United States
2) Colloquial term for those who fish for crawdads
3) Religious fanatics
4) Slang term for larger pea gravel
5) Champion clog dancing group from Idaho

Rattled [Movie]:
1) Hundreds of rattlesnakes crawl down from the hills after their home is disturbed by a construction crew
2) A newborn baby's rattle is the lightning rod for supernatural forces in this horrifying thriller
3) A dark comedy about a midwestern dairy farmer who is bitten by a rattlesnake and develops a deep fear that he will have to turn to running a whale dairy to make ends meet
4) A National Geographic special film on the life cycle of the diamond back rattlesnake
5) An accident at a biochemical facility releases rattlesnake pheromone on an unsuspecting community. Rattlesnakes terrorize the townspeople in this suspense thriller

Whickflaw [Definition]:
1) An indentation left by a rocking chair in the boards of a front porch
2) A flail made of hemp rope and magnolia seeds, used primarily in the American South
3) The skin located under the fingernails
4) A three-tined pitchfork used exclusively for bailing green hay
5) A plant indigenous to Madagascar. The whickflaw blooms once every seven years

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